Hey Magic Thank you for the great birds not only are they doing good but are already breeding also never have i had such tame birds that are not afraid when you pick them up. showes how well you treat your birds thank sooo much.

10-19-2016 - Edward Andrade

nice birds

05-26-2016 - william

I found your site after checking on a breed of that I am considering. I have been out of pigeons for nearly 15 years but want to get back into them again. I used to breed fly and show Crested Helmets. your site has helped me settle on wanting Turkish Tumblers. thank you

08-11-2015 - Phil

Need some fancy breed of pigeon to dar es salaam tanzania

07-23-2015 - Askari Sajjad

beautiful birds and great website. I'm starting out again after 30yrs away. I'm thinking about turks as one breed I'd like to raise. when I'm ready id like to purchase a pair from your lofts. thanks for the pics and information.

07-02-2015 - elbry spencer

Thank you mr magic for your honesty for the pigeons you gave me they started laying eggs right now I am very happy I am interested if you have anymore Thank you very much

03-06-2015 - yamen

I found two pigeons in Tampa . Florida that are this breed . They are white with feathered feet. They do not fly! Do you know anyone in this area? I rwecued them but would like to find a permanent home.

01-08-2015 - Brenda Roshaven

Hello im looking for some pigeons to buy if you have any olease contact me

12-25-2014 - Zain Abideen

Thank you very much for the amazing Turkish tumblers you sold me. and i cant wait till I see the new birds tomorrow

12-08-2014 - yamen

I have Iranian and serbian pigeon for sale call me this number 7133826683

11-18-2014 - Minh Vo

Again, very beautiful. I am interested in acquiring a pair of the Takla.

08-22-2014 - Donovon

Magic, thank you very much for the amazing front crested taklas, we are very happy with the birds you shipped. Let me know when you have more available

03-21-2014 - Farruh

Never see such beautiful pigeons . Great birds thanks for sharing.

03-20-2014 - Nick

We love your site. All of your pigeons are remarkably beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

02-09-2014 - Sandra

I am from South dakota and am interested in your shakhsharli tumbler. Please let me know costs and availability. Also shipping and if they are a calm breed

01-22-2014 - melvin donnelly

do all shacksharli have patch on their cheeck and head?

11-05-2013 - jun

just acquiredmy first 2ybs hope its a pair.ilove the way they stand...hope to be su.cesfull in breeding them

08-30-2013 - jun

I have pigeon for sale highflyer 15$each you can call me at 713-373-7532

07-20-2013 - bekim

Beautiful birds,I had birds when I was younger, my wife surprised me one day when she found a baby pigeon in the street,almost got run over,but I raised it and now I have caught the fever for more. How much for a pair?

07-19-2013 - Pablo

I am interested in buying pigeons do you have any to sell or know anywhere to buy any around Houston texas area8101f

06-14-2013 - randall

Stunningly beautiful birds! I would like to contract 2 pair when available (Shakhsharli). Please email me at your earliest convienience.

05-24-2013 - Rick Gill

Beautiful pigeons. I am interested in acquiring a couple pair of the Turkish Tumblers.

04-26-2013 - Donovon White

hi there, you have nice pigeon and i would love to know about the price for bout if the breeds (Shakhsharli)and the ( Turkish Tumblers)aend me back please best regards.

04-24-2013 - reda ali


04-21-2013 - ZEFF

hi I interested in purchasing a couple of the Turkish tumbler can you email me or call me 6197787665

04-07-2013 - sandy

I want to buy Turkish Tumblers pleas. I love them. I am from south africa

02-23-2013 - theuns fourie

I want to buy Turkish Tumblers pleas. I love them. I am from south africa

02-16-2013 - theuns fourie

Bro you got super pigeons.i have one pair of labnan sharazi & they are so beautiful. keep on

12-16-2012 - hamid

I want 50pairs of fantail piegeons for business. so give me a reply with a reasonable rate soon

11-20-2012 - sunil

Nice Pigeons!! visit my site..

11-17-2012 - Joe Polidoro

Nice site! Greats from the netherlands.

11-02-2012 - Joog van Hedel

i want to buy pigeon

09-23-2012 - shaheen

wow what lovely pigeons!i had tumblers 40yrs ago.want to start keeping tumblers or rollers again.i am in cape town south africa.

08-30-2012 - azad kadri

Hello.I am from Bahrain . nice birds and nice site, we call these breed Basray they bring them from Iraq and we fly them . welcome for corresponding at:

08-16-2012 - Faisal BuHamad

best birds i have have keep

08-13-2012 - Ralph

Hello, I Am From Hardy Arkansas,USA And Am An Avid Bird-Breeder Of Many Types Of Birds Incl. Pigeons! Just Wanted To Say I LOVE The Shakhsharli's & Their Kin! One Of The Most Wonderful Breeds I Have Read Up On! Would Love To Own A Few Pairs Myself One Day, If Only Just To See Them Somersault In The Loft in Mid-Flight!! Too Cool!

08-02-2012 - Samuel Dashner

we r from India. i would like to buy German-beauty. If you have these birds, please let us know import process in India and FOB price. we will buy in wholesale qty. Look forward to your early reply.

07-06-2012 - Amit

Hi from Ann,very nice web site wonderfull birds,Ijust love all bird's especially pigeon's England.

06-15-2012 - Ann

I am from rawalpindi. i would like to buy yellowmecpie and germanbeauty. If you have these birds, then how much price?

05-30-2012 - Umar Khaleeq

hi, i from minnesota USA. i would like to know if you are selling your birds and how much?. i am looking for a pair of Black Shakhsharli and also a pair of red Shakhsharli.

05-24-2012 - leng thao

Hello my good friends, Magic and Allesandro. I'm very very impressed with those gorgeous beautiful looking birds. You really surprise me with those good looking birds. I would like to buy them all. :) Tarek

05-24-2012 - Tarek

Wow! I congratulate you on this magnificent site.

05-14-2012 - George Cardona

I want to buy some pigeons of good breeds.I'm from Bangladesh.What Should I do?

04-28-2012 - ad_miha

hi how can i buy pigeons and iam in sydney australia??

04-10-2012 - ievan

those are beautiful birds have never heard of them till now lol, i have loved pigeons sence i was about 8 yrs old, i raise rollers because of there ability to do backwards flips in the air ,and the many colors i produse , they are an amazing bird!

03-31-2012 - Corky Pittman

hay... great website, great breeds... keep the good work... it is v nice to live with pigeons... I like all feathered legs pigeons... my favorite is Bukhara cheers from Libya

03-28-2012 - Moaad Salem

bana pakistan güvercini lazým

03-22-2012 - sinan

i love this kind of pigeon. i am from Iran-Shiraz. wea called it here "Makhmal" it means "velvet" i have 2 of them. thank you for youe rnice pictures.

03-20-2012 - امین


03-10-2012 - maher

Turkish Tumblers i like that breed i am from pakistan i have the hobby for pigeon

01-09-2012 - badar hayat

love them from south africa

01-06-2012 - patrick

magic mery crismiss and happy new year .i saw your birds they are beautiful.

12-21-2011 - sidhu

hello there if someone need to be owner of a wonderful pair of pigeons can send me e-mail about the pigeons kind that he likes to check if i have i'm in lebanon 00961 3 820259 keep in touch friends

12-04-2011 - abou firas

great site can you lead me to someplace where i can get more info on the history of the Shakhsharli's, I currently have 6 of them a pair of black, a pair of Sulphurs and a perfectly marked bronze and a black cap. I am looking as tthe Bronze and the Black cap are young yet not sure of the sex yet but would love to be able to find mates for both. Do you know of any clubs or organizations for the Shaks? Besides the Shaks I also have Iranian and Serbian High flyers and am waiting on some Blue Velvet Eygyptian Swifts.It is great to be back in the hobby after a long time away so many great people and great birds to meet and enjoy.

10-05-2011 - RON

how much for a breeding pair of shakhsharlis

09-16-2011 - Jeremiah Gordon

im michael from a breeder.i want to know the prices of your pigeons....if im getting the pigeons from there will you arrange me medical reports?i can arrange the facility in srilanka.will you distribute them to srilanka.especially can i know the prices of above pigeons-Strasser,German Beauty Homer,Carrier,Magpie Pouter,other pouters,Bukhara,Frillback,Jacobin and others. thank you.

08-01-2011 - michael

great site awesome loft am interested in the shakhsharli as I have two pair coming soon and I would like a couple more pair as they are beautiful birds and I want to have enough breeders to be able to fly a nice flock and not worry about losing my breeders.

07-22-2011 - RON

wonderful birds!

07-12-2011 -

hi there i like your turks very much i am looking for some new blood line for my birds . if you have some for sale please drop me a line thank you very much Duane Cole

05-23-2011 - Duane Cole

Hi and good morning I red ur story,how u become a pigeon lover.I feel the same not have any pigeon now.I like to start my loft pigeon,I am lebanes too.2 pair if u can.thank U very much

05-20-2011 - elias

hi i am looking to buy 2 pair. when u will have ? ur pigeons looking good.what is ur prices i like to know

05-19-2011 - elias

very nice birds i would like to buy some again

05-15-2011 -

very mice birds how much do you sel for.. please email me

05-12-2011 - Dan mane

very nice birds if only i could buy some

05-12-2011 - cory ingles

I think this is a very good site .

05-10-2011 - john schesser

Hello, Alex. Spoke with you yesterday. Am building a loft. Interested in 2 pairs each of tumblers and shakhsharli in about a month or when they are available. We will talk as my loft gets close to completion. Thank You.

05-08-2011 - John DeAndrea

mr. magic ur pigeon is very nice, i like to buy some pigeon from u, pls contruct wth me, 646-578-0189

04-21-2011 - Ranjan chowdhury

i like urgallery,pigeon is my hobby from boy hood, im in newyork now and im 60yrs old,living in apatrment can i able to carry pigeon? do u sell pigeon? pls contruct with me, let me know the price one boy and girl

04-21-2011 - Ranjan chowdhury

nice birds

04-16-2011 - tony

Nice site! Very interesting type of pigeon. 3-20-11 Ken

03-20-2011 - Ken Bundy

Nice birds. I breed turkish tumblers to.

03-20-2011 - alan

hi very good webside.

03-17-2011 - Molnár Attila

Your Turkish birds look stunning! Not that all your birds are gorgeous! We are hoping to have about 12 differant breeds when we move to the country next year or so.

03-16-2011 - Rourke Highland

we r interested to import at yr company pigeons , pls give me c & f dhaka price with photo by best regards imam

03-15-2011 - imam

we r interested to import at yr company pigeons , pls give me c & f dhaka price with photo by best regards imam

03-15-2011 - imam

Beautiful birds I loved what I saw and read. I'm 20 years old and I want to start getting into homing pigeons. The information you put up really helped me out.. I wanted to know just where do you get your birds from?

03-13-2011 - Javir

beautiful birds and great information thank you it was sara whitby that gave me your e-mail address and web site. thanks so much. bernard

03-10-2011 - bernard

Thank you so much on the Turkish Tumblers the information that i recieaved from you was amazing thanks a million Magic.

03-06-2011 - jp

i would like to buy some pigeons

03-04-2011 - ajumal

hi very fine gallery

02-24-2011 - sreekumar vasu

Magic i wanted to thank you kindly for the great information that you have provided me with patients on the shakhsharlys bless you and your family have a great new year

01-13-2011 - john pasmakian

I am amazed the way you have succeded to breed the beautifill pigeon coz ihave try quest is there any assistant for apernos who want to buy your pigeon

01-12-2011 - bon


12-10-2010 - sam z

I am amazed at the beauty of your Turkish Tumbler breed. I agree that the all white are most beautiful. I love your loft design. It looks very orderly and easily cleanable. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your birds. I hope to be able to have some soon.

12-02-2010 - Wayne Johnson


12-01-2010 - prasad keluskar

Also please help with a source where i can participate in a Pegion contest.Thanks.

11-08-2010 - Vinay Rao

Hi this is amazing sight which gives u an insight about different pigeon breeds.Would request u to upload pics of some more breeds & educate us about them as well.The pics which are currently there on this sight are truely magnificient.Thanks.

11-08-2010 - Vinay Rao

We love the Turkish tumblers that we got from Majic. They are very nice looking and look like very good performers very happy with them. Thanks...

11-02-2010 - Steve Bashi

you have some beautiful birds .. I am searching for a few pairs of Turkish tumblers ...

10-26-2010 - Michael Ives

Hello sir, moradabad.uttar pradesh. india.. i am a pigeon breeder. contacts ;- 0091-9897924983

10-04-2010 - NSAIR SAIFI

Hello Sir, I am from Australia, and have only recently obtained some TT's....I agree with your sentiments, and am annoyed at myself for not getting some before now. Any tps from you would be greatly appriciated. Any websites I should look at?. Kind Regards Kevin

09-25-2010 - Kevin Smith

i need some birds. its 2011 and im from louisiana. holla bacc

09-23-2010 - marcell

Nice looking site and the Turkish tumblers, especially, are gorgeous. Pigeon Genetics

09-19-2010 - Frank Mosca

i like ur pigeons nics ( choook gozal )pls check my bird website

09-06-2010 - ahmed almatouq

i like ur pigeons nice and beauty old when they start fly

08-29-2010 - waqar

Please check out my bird website

08-26-2010 - Dennis Daryl Shamblin

thanks for the birds, love the white one!! thanks

08-22-2010 - sam

hi majed how u doing and how was u trip i want to let u know i have one mor wihet iwill bring it soon thanks

08-08-2010 - louay loga

hey when will you be back

08-02-2010 - sam

I'm looking for shakhsharli breeding pairs.let me know if you have any available.

07-21-2010 - john

awesome birds how much do you sell them for?

07-01-2010 -

Stepan in Michigan(?) told me about your website. I am interested in flying Turkish Tumblers. Can you give me an estimate for shipping 8 young (unflown) birds

06-29-2010 - Peter

Hello magic it's me Dima again I just wanted to tell you I have a 100$ saved up!! If you need to contact me my number again is (952) 881-2895 ask for Dima

06-05-2010 - Dima

hi this is mohammad i called you about your turkish tumblers. i am interested aon buying them so please let me know the prices of one or pair thanks.

05-27-2010 - mohammad haque

hi we talk for the pigeon i like to bye 4 bird from you soon you have same call me 614-496-9289 thank you

05-24-2010 - mohammed

one pair shakhsharli white and brown and 1 female white and red.Turkish tumblers one pair n is860-839-4484

05-18-2010 - marek

Hey magic it's dima... The number you have n your website "is not a working number" or so says the operator... If you could give me another number or call me that would be great. ( please don't email me I cannot recurve emails at the moment)

05-16-2010 - Pigeon lover

Hello Pigeon Lover. It is very nice to hear your interest in our pigeons. If you have any questions you can emial me or call me at 818-730-6510. Have a Good Day!

05-16-2010 - Magic

So when r the next pigeons selling?? Plz answer this question on your website plz don't email email doesn't work..

05-13-2010 -

Hey magic... So I was wondering how much would you sell me a pair... Is there any possible way that you could sell me them for 80-90$??

05-12-2010 - Dima

Hey its me again if you could take a look at my last comment I sent you (which is right below this one) please reply as soon as possible...thanks awesome website by the way

05-10-2010 - Dima

Hey I know a buyer that bought your pigeons and he says your pigeons are awesome...I just started pigeon keeping a few months ago I have Turkish tumblers but they don't even fly for an hour...I realy want to buy a pair of your pigeons but the price is pretty there any way you could sell me a pair for a cheaper?? Mabie 80-90 dollars?

05-10-2010 - Dima


05-08-2010 - eemkei

thanks for the pigeons they are very good looking. i posted a new video on youtube if you want to take a look hear is the link.

05-08-2010 - sam

When you have some turkish tumblers for sale can you email me at

03-30-2010 - alan

helo al

03-29-2010 - larry would you please spend a few minutes reading my blog about all things chicken. I have been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens 40 years.

03-13-2010 - Rooster Shamblin

very great pictures keep it up , can you send me the eyesign of the high flying tumbler pigeons

02-24-2010 - ANIL KUMAR S

Hi Really nice birds and in great condition.

02-16-2010 - Desy

02-01-2010 - GYÖRKÖS JÓZSEF

hello,, ur pigeons are very nice.. i want to ask u something i got a pier of sherazie pigeon the male is red with white and the female is black and white what colouer would the baby come out thanks migic

12-22-2009 - ali micarlos dawas

hello magic, very beautiful site with beautiful photos a superb pigeon that I raised high me also the "shérazie" thank you and with soon Fabrice

12-17-2009 - fagoo fabrice

the pigeons he is selling are worth the money. thanks for the birds

12-03-2009 - sam

Great site, beautiful pigeons. Can you help me get started? I moved from NY and retired a world away in Penang, Malaysia. Will you export some birds to me? I will pay all costs involved, including extra for your trouble. I have not been able to find fancy pigeons in all of Malaysia for over a year. I have found a pet shop that has an Import license and is willing to receive the birds in you ship them. I await your reply. All the best, Carl

12-01-2009 - carl valenti

i like your features of your breeds, i never found those here in Philippines,i liked those breeds of yours... thanks

11-14-2009 - sapphire

Hi I like your web page, it's very nice, and you have very good pigeon

11-08-2009 - George El-Lamah


11-06-2009 - ikramkhan1

I was browsing the web looking for info on fancy pigeons, I may adopt one, it is white with funny feathers at the base of her head, a brown spot on her head and a brown tail. I want to make sure i can provide her with a good home. I really enjoyed your website, happy that you love your hobby as much as you do. Take care, Mary

09-12-2009 - Mary

interested in buying all kind of birds.

09-04-2009 - David Perez

Nice website and pictures! We have Iraqis, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Iranian High Flyers only white pearl eyes, and white homers. We have only website for release though.

08-24-2009 - Gabrail

Dear Magic. It is my great pleasure to be in contact with you via email and we are soon to be sharing website links. You have certainly bred some very nicely colored and patterned Turkish Tumblers. The depth of color of your Shakhsharli pigeons is something to be very proud of and I also find the Dilution trait in these birds most appealing. It is a pity we are worlds apart for I would love for us to get together and visit each others loft and avian research facility and exchange ideas and stories. Our rare colored pigeon research is progressing very well and our website will develop and grow for the benefit of all breeders.

08-24-2009 - Manny Arquette

Dear Webmaster. My name is Manny Arquette. As founder of the Australian Avian Research Organization I thought you may be interested in browsing our newly launched and highly informative genetics website that was designed to assist newbie’s to learn not only genetics, but other items of great interest. It is also hoped we can generate renewed interest in the hobby of pigeon keeping and breeding. Should you find it worthy of inclusion to your website we are more than happy to reciprocate? Our URL: If you choose to reply, please include your URL details; if not - I can only hope you enjoyed perusing the contents. Danny Joe Humphrey recently emailed to acknowledge he was impressed with our website and we are exchanging links. Best regards, Manny.

08-22-2009 -

send me your E-mail

08-21-2009 - EMAD

Nice collection of pigeons i have them too i dont have many varatites i have tumblers, fantials, mnuns, ordinary ones and cross fantails, and so on, i do not let them go out,

08-17-2009 - nuzrath


08-03-2009 - GAZWAN

Ciao!! ti facio ei complimenti per la tua web č anche per ei tuoi colombi, sono molto belli.

08-01-2009 - Yahulee Pineda

Hi Alessandro. It was a pleasure listening to you last night talking about your hobby. I am very proud of you. Your website is beautiful. Keep up the good work. And tell everyone I said hi.

07-18-2009 - Nada

thank you for all the help

07-16-2009 - mamdouh

thanks for taking you time to talk to me about the pigeons! i was wondering if you could send me some pics of the babies!

07-07-2009 - sam z.

I find your shakhsharil birds to be pleasing to the eye, i like the colors and the markings

07-02-2009 - don

I love fancy pigeons

07-02-2009 - ansar

i also love pigeons .i have so many pigeons .but i have golden red pigeons (white chest and red arms and red head)

06-28-2009 - ahsan sattar

Good looking birds/loft.I raise Rollers,Indian Fantails,&English Trumpeters.Wouldn't mind a closer picture of your feather friends!Thanks Steve

06-26-2009 - SteveD

Hi Magic. I love your pigeons. Thank you for the pictures. It is nice to see some one here in US love these pigeons as much as I do. I use to have allot of them back home (istanbul, Turkey) they are more than a pet to me. I love it. It is nice to meet an other animal lover. Please let me know when you have the pigoens I was looking for. Thank you very much for your time and hope to talk soon.

06-18-2009 - Ismail


06-18-2009 - asdf

Hi i cant get over how beautiful your shakharlis are i love all the colors and hope to have some when you get some extras. Thank you verry mutch Bruce Smith

05-03-2009 - Bruce Smith

Hi how are u? just wanted to know how much were the tumblers are? how do u go about purchasing the birds? thank you!

04-25-2009 - wassam absawi

Thank you for the pigeons, Magic! I never drove that far just for pigeons lol really good looking birds. Let me know when you have a white cock, thanks!

04-18-2009 - Farruh

Hi i am interested in buying the pigeons you have for sale. Thanks

04-13-2009 - sam patel

Hello Magic and Alessandro you guys have a great website and beautiful birds, I could be reached @ 631 759 0780-Thanks....

04-11-2009 - Temel Tahmaz

I have different kind of Pigeon, but yours I don't have yet. Where can I order to purchase?

04-10-2009 - Thom Phongsavan

I love your pigeons best of all your red shakhsharli and your white mosulis turkish tumblers. Can you sell me some?

04-07-2009 - daniella

Hi Magic your pigeons are beautiful i love your shakhsharli pigeons mostly your yellows an most of all the babys. Best Regards Karl Dib

04-07-2009 - karl dib

I wanted to thank you for the two pigeons you gave me last week I love them and i look forward to getting some female to pair them soon. thanks again josh

03-12-2009 - Josh Chavol

I love your birds they are nice I hope one day I'll get some from you they are very good Turkish tumblers I do have my self Turkish tumblers if you need we could trade.

03-11-2009 - Isaac

Hello pigeon breeders Your website is super, just great.. Thanks Mfg Elvis

03-04-2009 - elvis

It was nice talking to you last week, I was wondering If the guy from sacramento picked up the pigeons. If not my name is Josh Chavol My home # 818-591-2733 My cell # 818-312-1122 My email I would be grateful if you would consider giving these pigeons to me, If they are still available. Sincerely Yours

03-03-2009 - Josh Chavol

majid i forgot to say that i live in ghana west africa and breed pigeons too which i import from beirut lebanon pls try to breed in us msewid shrabiyet and boloks to promote further the greatest name lebanon and as such our pigeons really are our ambassadors the best peace representation which has brought together lebanese of all religions and drawn together all nationalities around the world yes that is real peace ambassador the pigeon our lebanese pigeons are so unique and avalaible only in lebanon we know their standards value them withour love and the world is hungry fr them so pls breed them too and allah maakun my cell phone 00 233 244 18 33 41

02-28-2009 - mark-antoine mansour

hi magid your pigeons are beautiful i beleive the sheiksharlis are very difficult to breed to achieve the exact color pattern distribution some marks should be paramount the tabchi on the head the v shapr and no colour patches on back of neck

02-28-2009 - mark-antoine mansour


02-23-2009 - EMAD

Hello Magic and Alessandro you guys have a great website and beautiful birds.

02-14-2009 - Suleyman Altintas

hello Magic, I am looking to start my own pigeons, would you tell me the price of your pigeons when comes for sale. tank you

02-09-2009 - Kian Shafae

thank you for sharing new to pigeons have capuchines and chinese owls the Lebanon breed that I can't remember to spell now look interesting could I have more information pleasae.

02-01-2009 - Anny Clow



Hi Magic and Alessandro. Very nice site and pigeons. You certainly have some beautiful pigeons.

01-21-2009 - Murat Ozel

This is the first time I have ever seen the Shakhsharli pigeon. I think they are very unique and well kept birds. I would love to have a pair.

01-20-2009 - Russell

i love your shakhsharli pigeons.i got 2 pair from you and they are beautiful and clean birds. thank you

01-19-2009 - Jasbir

Great site

01-02-2009 - Pigeonlover

Great to see interest in the awesome Shakhsharli Tumblers! I can't wait to see results from the 2 blacks I got from you! Already have eggs so will start producing more. Thank you for exchanging bloodlines and to the future outlook of the Shakhsharli. Great site! can't wait to see more photos of the Shakhs. Happy New Year- 2009!

12-31-2008 - Sara

nice looking pigeons,and a good site,the info on the breed is interesting,if i was a looker and read your info ,i would want to get into the hobby fast,great work my friend. Gomez

12-28-2008 - Gomez

Just bought 5 pairs of turkish tumblers. Two pairs are dilute blue check icewith a pale bronzing on the crop and head. Can't wait to start flying.

12-28-2008 - Mike Bordelon

we need some of u r pigeons and we r from india

12-23-2008 - uday

Great site. I appreciate you putting me on your links. If it is alright I will put your site on mine. Regards Danny Joe Humphrey

12-09-2008 - Danny Joe Humphrey

Nice pigeons.Might get some in the future

12-08-2008 - Thomas

Hello Magic, What a very good looking website that you and your son have started. Keep up the good job! What nice looking birds. It sure is great to see such good Shacksarli's again. You just don't see them much here. Thank you too for the visit to my site. Thanks

12-08-2008 - Bill Gantic

You have great looking Pigeons. I'll be looking you up for some new blood in my Figuritas. I'm a friend of Bob Lockhart. A truely great

11-22-2008 - Doug Smith (Dr2Lofts).

Hi Majic and Alessandro. Very nice site and pigeons. It is also nice to see you have choosen to go with the traditional Oriental Frill (Medium beak). I must say, the loft it self is very nice also. Thank you for sharing all this with us.

11-18-2008 - Kurt Gürsu

im amazed with the pegions u have been breeding...there beautiful...i love the shakhsharlies u have keep it up ur doing a great job with them.

11-17-2008 - paul

Great website, your pigeons are the best. Your son has a great start. Armando Garcia.

11-15-2008 - Armando Garcia

Well a fellow breeder of Shakhsharli, I admire your birds and your website. Very good work. Carl.

11-10-2008 - Carl Schoelkopf

beautifull pigeons you have

11-06-2008 - sandro

This is a great site! You certainly have some beautiful pigeons! Thanks!

11-06-2008 - Scott Clarke


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